Customer Cancellations

If you need to change, edit, cancel, or request a refund of your tour, please contact us via text to 703.725.6225 or email to Once you make your reservation, you have 48 hours to request a refund as long as the tour is not scheduled within that time frame. We require at least 24-hour notice before the tour starts in order to issue refunds. We will not issue refunds on the same day as your tour, since we have held that space specifically for you and have limited spaces available. If you need to cancel your tour, you may do so at any time. We will issue a refund or a gift card depending on the time frame that you request your refund. You are welcome to reschedule for any available date. If cancelling on the day of the tour, you will receive a rain-check or gift card with the amount you paid for use on any future tour or event. You may contact us when you are ready to use them. Please note: We are not able to refund in cash, check, or to any other card other than what is used via your original booking receipt.

Tickets are Non-Refundable After 48 Hours

All tickets are non-refundable after 48 hours of purchase. If you need to cancel your tour, you may do so at any time. You are welcome to reschedule for any available date. You will receive a rain-check or gift card with the amount you paid for use on any future tour or event. You may contact us when you are ready to use them.

Company Cancellations

We reserve the right to cancel any tour or event at any time. If we cancel the tour, we will contact you to reschedule using the information you have provided. When booking, please make sure you use a valid and working phone number and email address to receive important updates and information about your tour. We will offer the option to reschedule or get a refund if applicable, or we can issue a gift card for use on any future tour or event. Please contact us if you have questions about possible cancellations.

Low Attendance Policy

If we have less than 3 people scheduled for a tour, it could get cancelled. If this happens, you will be asked to reschedule or we will issue a full refund. Private tours can be any size, up to 25 people, and do not apply to the low attendance policy as long as the minimum requirement as per the booking agreement is met.

Weather Cancellations

We reserve the right to cancel any tour or event at any time due to weather conditions. If we deem that the weather conditions surrounding our tour/event time will not be suitable for our guests, we will cancel the tour. We will contact you via the telephone number or email address you have provided in your reservation. We will offer a reschedule to a better weather date, or we will issue you a full refund if applicable.

No-Call/No-Show on the customer’s part

If you do not show up to a tour, you will be marked as a no-show. If you are unable to attend the tour, cannot find the tour location, or for any other reason you do not attend the tour, we will hold your tickets for use at any other available tour. There are no refunds issued to no-call no-shows. However, you may still use your tickets for any future available date, with prior permission obtained from 6 Star Tours prior to your scheduled tour date and time. Simply let us know by phone or email and we will get you rescheduled for any date that is convenient for you.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cancellations

Due to the continuing changes in our nation from the impact of the Coronavirus, some tours may be canceled or rescheduled. If you would like to change a date you have previously reserved, please contact us and we will issue a gift card for use at a later date.

Ghost Tour Guarantee

We guarantee our tours as long as you have a confirmed booking with us. To make your reservation, simply press “BOOK NOW” on any page of our website, or contact us by phone at 703.725.6225, or you may email and we will be glad to assist you in making your reservation.

If you do not find your tour guide/Tour guide is not at the meeting location

Please text 703.725.6225  to our staff about locating your guide. Our guides are required to wait at least 15 minutes past tour start time for every attendee to show up. If you are there past 15 minutes of tour time (i.e. 8:00 tour, but you arrive after 8:15 pm) you will need to call us immediately for us to instruct you on where to find your guide along the tour route.

Please make sure you have a confirmation email or text of your reservation. If you have not reserved your tour, it is possible that a tour may not be taking place. On the rare occasion that a guide does not show up to the tour, we will examine the situation and issue refunds if applicable.

If you are going to be late

Please contact us right away and give us an estimated time of your arrival so we may wait for you if possible. Our guides are instructed to wait no longer than 15 minutes for guests who are late. If you feel that you may be later than 15 minutes to your scheduled tour, you may be asked to reschedule to a later tour, or a different date. You may miss out on very important information on the tour if you are later than 15 minutes, so rescheduling would benefit you best.

No refunds will be given at the tour location, no exceptions

Our tour guides and staff will not issue any refunds at the tour location. You must contact our office by text 703.725.6225, email , Our staff and its affiliates will not hand out cash refunds, or issue credit card refunds at the tour location.

If you are unhappy with your experience

Please contact us immediately by phone, email, or contact form. We desire to provide you with an exceptionally entertaining evening of fun, so if you are unsatisfied, please let us know right away. We will do what it takes to make it right. Please do not use social media or review sites to express your dissatisfaction, as it can be difficult to track you down to resolve your complaint since most sites use only a username or email address, and not a person’s real name.

VISA gift cards or other reloadable gift cards (Not Recommended or Supported)

Refunds are processed via the original payment method used. For example, if you use a credit card or VISA gift card, the amount refunded will be issued to that card, and cannot be issued to another form of payment or card. Therefore, if a refund is needed for a VISA or other reloadable gift card, and it has been lost or stolen, we will be unable to issue any refunds to a secondary card. Please keep your original card, even if the balance is now $0.00. We will not be able to use a different card to issue the refund. If the card is lost or stolen, you may receive a gift card from our company for use on a future tour or event. For any other issues about lost or stolen VISA or other reloadable gift cards other than directly from 6 Star Tours, please contact the company providing the card service for help. We will not issue a cash or check refund in this instance.

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