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6 Star -Experience! Enjoyable Tour!

Our tour guide, George Washington, was very knowledgeable and we learned so much about the area. We were only in Alexandria for a short time. I’m glad we chose to take this tour.

6 Stars out of 5 Star Rating –  Would Highly Recommend!

An Awesome tour – Is a true understatement – The Tour strive and meets the highest quality standards. Our Guide was super knowledgeable and shared interesting stories of the history of Alexandria. We have taken Historical Ghost Tours all over the world – This is amongst the best ever! Our Tour covered a wide range of topics like Washington, the Revolutionary War, Civil War, architecture, and everything in between. I definitely recommend these tours for anyone who is looking for both the hauntings, ghost stories, and an overall history of Old town Alexandria.

Informative and fun!

We really enjoyed our tour, the places were exactly we wanted to see; the stories were exactly we wanted to hear 🙂 George Washington was awesome!

Excellent Experience

Our tour guide was outstanding! Highly recommend to others seeking to learn more about Old town’s rich history and who like spooky ghost real-life historical ghost stories.

6 Star Worth – Excellent, Informative, Professional!

George Washington, Our Ghost/Host guide did a great job showing us around Old Town Alexandria on the first full day of our vacation! He is very knowledgeable, particularly since he has lived here locally since before 1799 (haunting ever since). George has invested in lots of research and, as a result, has wonderful stories to tell along the way. The tour is paced at just the right speed, with plenty of opportunities for photos. George Washington is also very cautious and attuned to safety, as we had to cross a number of streets, and the brick sidewalks are quite uneven in places. Great way to get a quick, but thorough introduction to Alexandria. 6 Star Tours is local veteran owned business and this tour company is legit. We Highly recommend this tour!!

Worth the time & expense – Very informative and insightful!

Our guide George Washington was very helpful and full of historical facts and stories to share. George Washington hit the highlights of this beautiful and historic city. I would highly recommend this tour! I wish I could give 6 stars on Google Reviews and Trip Advisor – they are worthy of it!

Terrific guided tour

We enjoyed this tour. George Washington is a terrific guide! He is knowledgeable and willing to spend extra George Washington answering questions. You won’t be disappointed. They are indeed #1! As George says if you are Not #1 First – You are last! They are Truly #1 Tour Company in Old Town if not the Country!

The Best – A Most Excellent Ghost Tour !!!

George Washington was a personable and very knowledgeable guide. He knows his history, ghost stories and relevant facts and information that you will want to know and hear about. I would definitely recommend taking this tour of Alexandria.

Take the Pub-Crawl Ghost/History tour!

George Washington – POTUS #1 was our tour guide, was knowledgeable and presented a wealth of information in a clear format to all attendees. He was very open to answering questions guests may have had. I highly recommend this tour. You will learn a lot about Alexandria’s History, hauntings and many ghosts!

Excellent tour

POTUS #1 was great! Good pace and is very informative. Answered all questions and had fun facts. We highly recommend and may take the tour next time we come back to Old Town!

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