Origin of the Name - 6 Star Tours

The name was derived from the spirit of the Ghost of General George Washington, POTUS #1 – the first President of the United States who is often the ghost host for these tours. Additionally, the goal of every tour is to entertain and educate while providing the best possible experience to each and every guest. The aim is to provide more than a typical 5-star experience, which is the top of most rating charts,. We go above and beyond to break the ceiling for a 6-star experience.

Origin of Haunting Since 1799!

George Washington, the inspiration for the Ghost/History Tour, died on December 14, 1799. As a ghost, he arose again after his death and has been haunting and providing entertainment in his beloved town of Alexandria, VA, and the Washington, DC, capital (his namesake) ever since! Additionally, one of the bars that we often frequent is named 1799. Some of our best tour guides used to work for tour companies owned and operated outside of Virginia, large mega-chain businesses that produce cookie-cutter tours, often not relevant or based on facts, history, and definitely not local. Mount Vernon in Alexandria, VA, was the family home of George and Martha Washington while he served as President of the United States. It is also their final resting place. George Washington inherited the property and the enslaved people when his older brother died, when George Washington was just 11 years old.

Our Vision

Make Our Tours the Best! We continue to identify the best ways to serve our guests and provide the most excellent entertainment, educational, and ghost & historical tours for our guests. Our unified desire is to strive to be the Best of the Best of Tour providers nationally. To inspire others and live by words and actions by the Motto “Carpe Diem! Every Diem!” & “If you are not First – 1st – Your Last!”

Our Mission

To provide memorable experiences to visitors of Old Town Alexandria through professionally guided walking tours. We blend local knowledge, entertaining & captivating stories, and historical places into a must-do activity for both visitors and locals alike. We provide our guests with a high-quality memorable experience and entertaining evenings full of fun and interesting information along with the best flair of dramatic storytelling that Old Town Alexandria has to offer. We strive to entertain, enlighten, and boggle your mind as you have a night you will never forget. Our biggest goal is to offer you and your guests the very best Haunted Historical Entertainment in and around the Washington DC Area.

Our Tour Guides

We hire the best and most consistent professionally trained guides in the tourism industry from our competitors and elevate their knowledge, skills and experience to even higher quality expectations.

We are able to do this as we offer our guides significant compensation and tip opportunities that greatly exceed all of our competition. We pay our guides more than living wage requirements and share a majority of ticket sales with them for their continued learning and growth opportunities, enhancements to their costumes and props and allowing them to live and enjoy living in or near the Old Town City of Alexandria (amongst the highest cost of living in the United States).


All of 6 Star Tour’s guides and staff go through an extensive training program, where they spend two to three months learning how to be a successful and entertaining tour guide. During their training, they learn how to properly speak to crowds, how to gain the attention of their groups and maintain it, how to tell a great story, and much more. They learn up to 5 hours of information and memorize it. They learn the science and technique behind ghost hunting and paranormal facts. They hone their skills with time and dedication, and we are proud of each and every guide and staff member we have, as they are the stars of the show!

It’s easy to see their hard work pay off with rave 6 star and sometimes 5-star reviews (Review site limitations of course) on sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, and more.  This commitment to quality and standard of expectation for our guides sets us apart as the award-winning company we are. Our guides work tirelessly to give you a great time, so be sure to let them know how much you enjoyed their performance with tips and applause once the tour is over!

A Note From Our Owners

To Our Most Important VIP Guest -You!

Thank you for supporting our small business. Every day, we are committed to enhancing every aspect of the experience for our customers from the tour itself, social media,to the website and even our booking process. We want our guests to know that we strive to maintain an excellent time for all – each time – every time. We are proud of our commitment to quality entertainment, and invite you to join us for great evening tours of Old Town Alexandria – for a night to filled with fun and adventures.

Over the years, it has been so wonderful to see guests return year after year, new friendly faces, and to meet the community and new tourists to Old Town Alexandria. We are committed to these goals: To make sure our tours are the best we can offer, to strive to maintain the history and beauty of Old Town, Alexandria, and to make sure our customers are excited and pleased with their overall experience. We want you to join us on our tours! Please follow our website and social media accounts for events, discounts and activities year-round!

Thank you for visiting!
Six Star Tours, LLC

Partying Since 1776!

What a revolution! After securing independence and freedom from the Great Britain and the English King you know there was a lot of partying happening. The party must have been long in coming, well deserved and very entertaining and fun. Definitely a moment to remember and a great reason to party. Now we continue to party!

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